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Day 0 - Tuesday, September 8

8:00 - SEDES [Room A]

8:00 - SEDES - Doctoral Symposium's Welcome

8:15 - Mehrdad Moradi and Joachim Denil "Machine-Learning Assisted Model-Implemented Fault Injection"

8:30 - questions and recommendations from advice pannel

9:00 - Yon Vanommeslaeghe, Joachim Denil and Paul De Meulenaere. Multi-Paradigm Design Space Exploration for Advanced Cyber-Physical Systems

9:20 - questions and recommendations from advice pannel

09:45 - Coffee Break

10:00 - SEDES [Room A]

10:00 - Joost Mertens and Joachim Denil. Digital Twins for Continuous Deployment in Model-Based Systems Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems

10:20 - questions and recommendations from advice pannel

11:00 - Lunch Break

13:00 - SEDES [Room A]

13:00 - Keynote: Manuel Wimmer, JKU Linz - Austria, Design Science for Software and Systems Engineering

14:00 - Coffee Break

14:15 - SEDES [Room A]

14:15 - Darliane Miranda and Joao Araujo. A Framework for Integrating Web Accessibility Requirements in Agile Methodology

14:35 - questions and recommendations from advice pannel

15:00 - Sara Fernandes, Ademar Aguiar and André Restivo. Live Software Inspection and Refactoring

15:20 - questions and recommendations from advice pannel

15:45 - Close Session

15:45 - Coffee Break

16:00 - ZOOM Trial Party (for Organizing team + Chairs) [Room B]

Day 1 -Wednesday, September 9

9:00 – OPENING CEREMONY [Main Room]

  • Welcome message - Pedro Guerreiro (Universidade do Algarve)

  • About the organization - Alberto Silva (Organizing Chair)

  • About the program - Martin Shepperd & Fernando Brito e Abreu (Program Chairs)

9:30 – KEYNOTE [Main Room] - Invited Speaker: Tom Mens (University of Mons, Belgium)

10:30 – Coffee Break

10:45 – ICT Verification and Validation I [Room A] - Session Chair: Antonia Bertolino (CNR, Italy)

  • #42 Reverse Engineering of Android Applications: REiMPAcT - Marco Gonçalves, Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva

  • #45 An Approach and a Prototype Tool for Generating Executable IoT System Test Cases - Dario Olianas, Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca

10:45 – Business Day [Room B]

(see detailed program here)

12:00 – Lunch Break

13:30 – ICT Verification and Validation II [Room A] - Session Chair: Antonia Bertolino (CNR, Italy)

  • #47 Applied Statistical Model Checking for a Sensor Behavior Analysis - Salim Chehida, Abdelhakim Baouya, Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga

  • #49 Preliminary Experiences in Requirements-based Security Testing - João Gabriel Longo de Miranda, Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva, Alberto Silva

13:30 – Business Day [Room B]

(see detailed program here)

14:30 – Coffee Break

14:45 – ICT Verification and Validation III [Room A] - Session Chair: Antonia Bertolino (CNR, Italy)

  • #34 A dataset of regressions in web applications detected by end-to-end tests - Michel Maes, Óscar Soto, Francisco Gortázar, Micael Gallego

  • #70 Testing chatbots with Charm (short paper) - Sergio Bravo-Santos, Esther Guerra, Juan De Lara

  • #76 Towards failure prediction in scientific workflows using stochastic Petri nets and dynamic logic (short paper) - Bruno Lopes, Daniel de Oliveira

14:45 – Business Day [Room B]

(see detailed program here)

15:45 – Coffee Break

16:00 – PANEL [Main Room] - Moderator: Fernando Brito e Abreu (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal)

What is V&V's role in a DevOps and CI/CD world?

  • Panelists: Antonia Bertolino (CNR), Antoine Craske (La Redoute), Francisco Gortázar (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos), Jaime Jorge (Codacy), Ana Paiva (University of Porto)

Day 2 - Thursday, September 10

9:30 – KEYNOTE [Main Room] - Invited Speakers: João Paulo Carvalho & João Nunes (Quidgest, Portugal)

Built-in quality in software development automation with models and artificial intelligence

10:30 – Coffee Break

10:45 – Software Evolution I [Room A] - Session Chair: Nicolas Anquetil (INRIA & Univ. Lille-1, France)

  • #23 Towards Automated Taxonomy Generation for Grouping App Reviews: A Preliminary Empirical Study - Saurabh Malgaonkar, Sherlock Licorish, Tony Savarimuthu

  • #60 An Empirical Study on the Persistence of SpotBugs Issues in Open-Source Software Evolution (short paper) - Luigi Lavazza, Davide Tosi, Sandro Morasca

  • #38: Zones of Pain: Visualising the Relationship between Software Architecture and Defects (short paper) - Jean Petric, Tracy Hall, David Bowes

10:45 – Software Quality Education and Training + Agile Methods [Room B] - Session Chair: Claudia Werner (COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil)

  • #12 Design of Secure Coding Challenges for Cybersecurity Education in the Industry - Tiago Gasiba, Ulrike Lechner, Maria Pinto-Albuquerque, Alae Zouitni

  • #41 Human Factors of the Agile Software Tester - Lucas Paruch, Viktoria Stray, Raluca Madalina Florea

  • #65 Q-Scrum: A Framework for Quality in Safety-Critical Development (short paper) - Johnny Marques, Adilson Marques da Cunha, Luiz Alberto Viera Dias

12:00 – Lunch Break

13:30 – Software Evolution II [Room A] - Session Chair: Nicolas Anquetil (INRIA & Univ. Lille-1, France)

  • #8: Suggesting Descriptive Method Names: An Exploratory Study of Two Machine Learning Approaches - Oleksandr Zaitsev, Stephane Ducasse, Alexandre Bergel, Mathieu Eveillard

  • #13: Challenges for Layout Validation: Lessons Learned - Santiago Bragagnolo, Benoît Verhaeghe, Abderrahmane Seriai, Mustapha Derras, Anne Etien

13:30 – Quality Aspects in Machine Learning, AI and Data Analytics I [Room B] - Session Chair: Leandro Minku (University of Birmingham, UK)

  • #9 Perceived Quality of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Service Systems: A structured Approach (short paper) - Jens Neuhüttler, Rudolf Fischer, Walter Ganz, Florian Urmetzer

  • #2 Data Cleaning: A Case Study with OpenRefine and Trifacta Wrangler (short paper) - Dessislava Petrova-Antonova, Rumyana Tancheva

14:30 – Coffee Break

14:45 – Requirements Engineering + Model Driven Methods [Room A] - Session Chair: Luis Olsina (Univ. Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina)

  • #75 An experience with the application of three NLP tools for the analysis of natural language requirements (short paper) - Monica Arrabito, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi, Laura Semini

  • #35 From Rigorous Requirements and User Interfaces Specifications into Software Business Applications - Ivo Gamito, Alberto Silva

14:45 – Quality Aspects in Machine Learning, AI and Data Analytics II [Room B] - Session Chair: Leandro Minku (University of Birmingham, UK)

  • #57 Towards Guidelines for Assessing Qualities of Machine Learning Systems (short paper) - Julien Siebert, Lisa Jöckel, Jens Heidrich, Koji Nakamichi, Kyoko Ohashi, Isao Namba, Rieko Yamamoto, Mikio Aoyama

  • #66 NSP dataset and offline signature verification (short paper) - Roman Sudarikov, Dmitry Bakhteev

15:45 – Coffee Break

16:00 – PANEL [Main Room] - Moderator: Martin Shepperd (Brunel University London, UK)

How will machine learning change the way IT professionals work?

  • Panelists: David Bowes (Lancaster University) and Leandro Minku (University of Birmingham )

Day 3 - Friday, September 11

9:30 – QUATIC'2010 Most Influential Paper Award Ceremony [Room A] - Invited Reviewer: Fabio Palomba (Univ. of Salerno, Italy)

Ten years after, the winner is ... (here is the presentation by the first author of the awarded paper)

9:30 – Quality Aspects in Quantum Computing I [Room B] - Session Chair: Manuel Serrano (UCLM, Spain)

  • #17 Math and Physics tools for Quality Quantum Programming - Ezequiel Murina

  • #51 Adapting COBIT for Quantum Computing Governance - Miguel Angel Blanco

10:30 – Coffee Break

10:45 – Process Modeling, Improvement and Assessment I [Room A] - Session Chair: Karol Frühauf (INFOGEM, Switzerland)

  • #29 Systematic Literature Review of DevOps Models - Monika Gasparaite, Kristina Naudziunaite, Saulius Ragaisis

  • #40 Measuring the maturity of BizDevOps (short paper) - Eduardo Sanjurjo, Oscar Pedreira, Felix García, Mario Piattini

  • #54 Process Compliance Re-Certification Efficiency Enabled by EPF-C ° BVR-T: a Case Study (short paper) - Barbara Gallina, Aleksandër Pulla, Antonela Bregu, Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila

10:45 – Quality Aspects in Quantum Computing II [Room B] - Session Chair: Manuel Serrano (UCLM, Spain)

  • #36 Reverse engineering of quantum programs toward KDM models - Luis Jiménez Navajas, Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, Mario Piattini

  • #31 Quantum Agile Development Framework for Quality Quantum Programming (short paper) - Guillermo Jose Hernandez Gonzalez, Claudio Ándres Paradela

  • #64 On the source code structure of quantum code: insights from Q# and QDK (short paper) - Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Salvador Sanchez-Alonso, Marçal Mora-Cantallops, Elena Garcia-Barriocanal

12:00 – Lunch Break

13:30 – Process Modeling, Improvement and Assessment II [Room A] - Session Chair: Karol Frühauf (INFOGEM, Switzerland)

  • #10 Applying Continual Service Improvement Practices to Study Quality of Healthcare Information System Services - Sanna Heikkinen, Marko Jantti, Kaija Saranto

  • #22 A Personal Opinion Survey on Process-based Compliance Checking in the Safety Context - Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila, Barbara Gallina

13:30 – Safety, Security and Privacy I [Room B] - Session Chair: Ana Rosa Cavalli (Inst. Polyt. Paris/ Telecom SudParis)

  • #33 Towards a Framework for Improving Experiments on DoS Attacks - Marta Catillo, Antonio Pecchia, Umberto Villano

  • #37 A Cloud SecDevOps Methodology: from design to testing - Valentina Casola, Alessandra De Benedictis, Massimiliano Rak, Giovanni Salzillo

14:30 – Coffee Break

14:45 – Evidence-Based Software Quality Engineering [Room A] - Session Chair: Tracy Hall (University of Lancaster, UK)

  • #5 Applying Machine Learning in Technical Debt Management: Future Opportunities and Challenges - Angeliki-Agathi Tsintzira, Elvira-Maria Arvanitou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou

  • #28 On the Temporality of Introducing Code Technical Debt - Georgios Digkas, Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, Paris Avgeriou

  • #67 Is Complexity of Re-test a Reason Why Some Refactorings Are Buggy? An Empirical Perspective (short paper) - Steve Counsell, Stephen Swift, Mahir Arzoky, Giuseppe DeStefanis

14:45 – Safety, Security and Privacy II [Room B] - Session Chair: Ana Rosa Cavalli (Inst. Polyt. Paris/ Telecom SudParis)

  • #77 Secure Agile Software Development: Policies and practices for agile teams - Carlos Bezerra, Suzana Sampaio, Marcelo Marinho

  • #52 Accountability in the A Posteriori Access Control: a Requirement and a Mechanism (short paper) - Farah Dernaika, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Frédéric Cuppens, Olivier Raynaud

  • #68 A Privacy-By-Design Architecture for Indoor Localization Systems (short paper) - Antonello Calabrò, Eda Marchetti, Said Daoudagh, Paolo Barsocchi, Antonino Crivello, Michele Girolami, Francesco Furfari

15:45 – Coffee Break

16:00 – KEYNOTE [Main Room] - Invited Speaker: Letizia Jaccheri (NTNU, Norway)

From software through art to social entrepreneurship

17:00 – CLOSING CEREMONY [Main Room]